Police Squad! In Color!

These pages are devoted to the six-episode television series Police Squad! starring Leslie Nielsen as Lt Frank Drebin, Alan North as Cpt Ed Hocken and Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln, which preceded the Naked Gun movies. Surely the best series ever! — Yes, but don't call me Shirley!


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Police Squad! on DVD!

Finally! We waited a very long time, but the DVD of Police Squad is now available.

A to Z of Police Squad! Encyclopedia

Police Squad explained from A to Z. Click on the links below for an A to Z from A.N. Abandoned Locksmith to Zubra, and this will take you through the whole series, but not episode-by-episode. In square brackets the number of the episode is given.


A Substantial GiftA Broken Promise
Ring of FearA Dangerous Assignment
Rendezvous at Big GulchTerror in the Neighborhood
Revenge and RemorseA Guilty Alibi
The Butler Did ItA Bird in the Hand
Testimony of EvilDead Men Don't Laugh

Scenes from Police Squad!

Some pictures and three scenes from the series. More to come.

Links. Yes, I know

Police Squad Link page. What is it? An HTML file full of bits surrounded by <A> and </A> tags, but that is not important right now. It contains links to other sources on the web, with more background information about the series and the Airplane! and Naked Gun movies.


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