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Montague Martin
Martin, Montague
One of the few who "still" fixes boxing matches. [II]
Wife of the boxer Buddy Briggs. She seems to be a bigamist, her (other?) husband is located in a cupboard: "You are not the man I married. This is the man I married". Since Buddy isn't an honest boxer Mary has returned to being an alcoholic. She unexpectedly returns in Episode VI when Lt Drebin is taking her home. Owns a St Bernhard dog called Muffin; a scarf, a purse, a toaster, a food processor and a washing machine are obtained by Montague Martin. In order to let Buddy Briggs lose the match against the Champ in the 12th, she is taken hostage. She is one of the people in the series who has more than two arms, because while trying to break the ropes around her wrists she wipes the beads of sweat from her face. [II]
Judge Maxwell Maxwell, Judge J. Oliver
Judge who is killed when opening a session with his hammer. He resides in room 112. He has been on the bench for 25 years and has a reputation for harsh sentences. His murder may, according to Ed, well be a revenge killing and he has Officers Markus and Drake looking up all the recently released prisoners. [IV]
Hey, that's my home town! [VI] It is also the place where Eddie Casales goes to to watch a baseball game (a parole violation). [IV]
  Milwaukee Herald, The
Newspaper that features the news that Briggs will fight the Champ: "Champ O.K.'s Chump For Title Fight". [II]
A mime explains the place where the ransom money for Terri Burton needs to be delivered by means of a game of Charades: Five words ("Fingers!"), at the bus ("A woman!", "To Iowa!") depot Thursday at 10 o'clock. [V]
  Mommie Dearest
Day care center, suffering from neighborhood protection racket. [III]
The City Morgue is where Lt Drebin finds his boss examining the physical evidence. Neatly piled up are bodies, attached to the feet are toe tags saying: "Anderson", "Blake", "Went to Market", "Stayed home", "Had roast beef", "Had none", "Cried all the way home", and there is also an assorted pile marked "Irregulars". The Coroner doubles as a radio presenter, informing the listeners of the weather and playing a Neil Diamond record. [VI]
  Mr. V's
Night club, owned by Veronica Rivers, employing Joey, Vic and Tony DeWonderful. It is a high-class operation in the exclusive Showood Area. It launched some of the careers in show business. It is alleged to be a mob hangout by Ricky "the Weasel" Saltstein, but the police have no hard evidence. [VI]
Muffin Muffin
St Bernhard dog, complete with bottle of brandy, owned by Mary the boxer's wife. [II]
Mug file
In Police Squad Headquarters, there is a filing cabinet with a drawer called "Mug File". [IV]
Nordberg Nordberg
Is first introduced in Episode III when Ed asks a tiny police officer to get a hold of officer Nordberg, who has to drop everything he is doing. Gets very excited at working in a locksmith's: after the first visit from Joe and Rock he is still thinking about his idea to offer one free key for each three duplicated. Calls Lt Drebin "Lieutenant" or "Frank", but Frank calls him Nordberg. In Episode IV we see him, among other things, try to disperse a group of two people watching the scene of an explosion.
Car, a classic Oldsmobile, a '68, owned by John Silmington, who is killed by a bomb which goes off when he ignites the engine. The speaker of the car radio is coughing. Nordberg wonders how anyone can be so cruel. "Senseless brutality, senseless waste," agrees Drebin. "In the prime of life," Ed adds. Maybe the widow would take 1500. [IV]
  Olsen, Ted
Head of the Police Squad Lab.
"He's the owner of the tyre company, Frank." [I]
Opening Opening [Recurring element]
– In Episode I, there'd been a recent wave of gorgeous fashion models found naked and unconscious at laundromats on the West Side, but unfortunately Frank was assigned to investigate hold-ups of neighborhood credit unions.
– In Episode II, Frank had been to the stockyard investigating a report that hundreds of cows were senselessly slaughtered in the neighborhood. After eating a hamburger he hurries to the scene of the alleged suicide of Mike Schultz, boxer.
– In Episode III, Frank is testing emergency police vehicles when he hears the report about what looks like a neighborhood protection racket. He survives the test.
– In Episode IV, Frank is having his car washed while he receives a call about a bombing at the courthouse.
– In Episode V, Frank explains that a recent wave of murders at the city zoo has taken place; he is taking a suspect to the station. The suspect turns out to be a monkey.
– In Episode VI, after the pre-opening sequence, we find Frank driving home Mary the boxer's wife.
No, Locksmith! [III]
  Prinzell, Miss
Dr Zubatzki's assistant, who makes her announcements through a (portable) window. [I]

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