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Veronica Rivers Rivers, Veronica
Owner of the high-class nightclub Mr. V's who deals in illegal narcotics and murders Joey. When she is about to light a cigarette (or a pipe) then immediately a great many lighters appear. She possesses a chair with two backs. She likes cracking nuts, with a nutcracker or with her own hands. [VI]
Five billion years ago, our Earth was a molten mass. For some reason unknown to scientists, the Earth cooled, forming a crust, a hard igneous shell, what we scientists call ... rock. It is thrown at Drebin and Nordberg; Olsen finds it clean without fingerprints or laundry marks. "It is a heck of an efficient weapon, Frank, you must admire the simplicity of its design." "Where did it come from?" ... [III]
Rock Rock
Thug who works with Joe for Dutch Gunderson. He beats up Jill, the dance teacher, while her students watch and do exactly as she does. When Drebin fights with Rock and Joe, they attack him with a knife, a club, a signed Picasso, and herpes. [III]
  Scene of the abduction
Abduction scene 1, take 3 is shown by Ed after Frank asked him: "Can I see the scene of the abduction?" [V]
Dutch Gunderson has never been called that before by Stella. Lammekins and Pinky Poo are known to him. [III]
  Schultz, Mike
Pays winning a boxing match with his life. It is first thought that he is a suicide victim. His manager is Cooper. [II]
Place where the boxer Buddy Briggs lives. [II]
  Shatner, William
Special guest star of Episode IV, who is having dinner, escapes being shot, and is subsequently poisoned.
John Silmington Silmington, John
Trial lawyer, who was Assistant D.A. seven years ago, when he prosecuted Eddie Casales. Owns a classic Oldsmobile which explodes; the explosion kills him and leaves him up in a tree. His watch comes in helpful: it's later than Ed thought. [IV]
  Stanford Brown, Georg
Special guest star of Episode II, who dies under the weight of a safe of The United Safe.
Statesville Prison,
Joliet, Illinois Statesville Prison [Recurring element]
Prison where, from now on, Sally Decker gets her teeth straightened [I], Montague Martin fixes boxing matches [II], Dutch Gunderson runs a protection racket [III], Lana does her bombing [IV], the Butler does his serving [V], Veronica Rivers does her drugs deals [VI].
Stella Stella
Lady who works for Dutch Gunderson, and is his lover. She tells Drebin that one can learn a lot about a woman by her keys. For instance, her keys are silver plated, indicating that she knows the finer things in life. The face of her key is unscratched, indicating a gentle touch. She asks for 50 copies of her apartment keys; 49 are to be mailed to the Chicago Bears. The 50th is for Drebin to let himself in (at three o'clock) but Drebin needs two weeks to find her apartment since she neglected to give him her address. When he has found it (how?) she tries to shoot him. [III]
Tap Tap
While Mrs Burton tries to keep the kidnappers of Terri busy, Officer Nordberg works hard to put a tap on the phone, but he doesn't have enough time. [V]
Tow truck
"There is the tow truck" — a huge toe pushing the exploded Oldsmobile. [IV]
Trashcan Trashcan [Recurring element]
Frank often uses trashcans as a stopping device. In Episode I he stops his car against one as he arrives at the scene of the crime. When he arrives at Jim's Gym [II] he uses two. One trashcan again is used in Episode III and four in Episode IV. In the fifth episode he stops his car against two trashcans and a mailbox. When trashcans are not available Frank uses other objects, for instance, a car [II] or some (4) bikes at the Sherwood Highschool playground [IV].
  Tuba Capital of the World
The city where Police Squad operates. It has hundreds of tuba shops and rental places, that go by names like Acme Tuba, Tuba World, Tubas R Us, International House of Tubas, Tuba or Not Tuba, Tubaligation. [V]
  Tubadero, El
Tuba club near a gas station, and hence in the vicinity of where Terri Burton is held hostage. Located near Fifth and Nash. [V]
A $20 note coughed up by Joe, when Drebin asks him to pay him $100 for the broken window. [III]
Ralph Twice Twice, Ralph
Ex-employee of the Learnmont [?] Tire Company; shot by Sally Decker (once). He was a good family man who made a decent living; lived in Little Italy, the Tower of Pisa can be seen outside his apartment; never ate Chop Suey. [I]

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