Scenes from Police Squad!


Frank and Ed with Mrs Twice [I]
Frank, Ed, Sally, Jim Johnson, Jim Fell, Once, Twice, Phil, Howie, Weeks [I]
Frank interviews Jill [III]

Assorted pictures

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Lt Frank Drebin Cpt Ed Hocken Officer Nordberg One mailbox equals three trashcans Police Squad! In color! Trashcan Tony DeWonderful Veronica Rivers Tony DeWonderful Ralph Twice Johnny Tap on the phone Sally Decker! I've got you surrounded! A little hunch back at the office Watch out, Frank Dr Zubatsky here You're next! I am not an animal Elevator I didn't. But so didn't Sally Elevator Corner of Cherry and Galena One of those all-night wicker places Sally Decker? Sally Decker? Sally Decker Epilogue No, they're all over, all over town No sax before a fight Press!! Dutch Mary in Jim's Gym Ted Olsen with a heck of an efficient weapon Stella Japanese Garden Suspected of murders in the city zoo Say When Frank. Whe... Is this some kind of bust? I drove back to the lab Muffin, Mary's dog Montague Martin Mrs Burton: If a train leaves New York... Larry Layne and Lester The Champ: Roses are red... And Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln Rock and Joe Judge J. Oliver Maxwell It's later than I thought

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