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  Police Squad! on Wikipedia
  Episodes of Police Squad! on Wikipedia

  Police Squad! In Color contains a nice episode summary and good pictures.
  Frank Drebin Joyfest
  The Files of Police Squad!
  Police Squad obviously never ever jumped the shark!
  Episode guide.com
  Police Squad contains many sound clips from Police Squad.
  Spoof Movies: Police Squad contains some interesting background info.
  Police Squad! Forum is a forum about Police Squad! within ZAZ_FAN's ZAZ Community.
  Police Squad! on the TV Megasite (an impressive site about many TV programmes)

  The Naked Gun Page
  The Smoking Gun 2 perverse connections all over the place, see e.g. Chapters 9 and 13. Amazing how everything is connected! :-)
  Quotes from the Naked Gun

  Unofficial website of Zucker, Abrahams, & Zucker by ZAZ_FAN, contains all you want to know about ZAZ movies and more.


Internet Movie Database

Police Squad! (1982)
  Leslie Nielsen

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