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Rum ball, Tort.
  Eiffel Tower
Can be seen from the Police Squad Head Quarters in Episode III.
  808 Garvar Miffiths Road
Street name on a piece of paper, held upside down by Lt Drebin. It is 808 Maple Street, where the Burton family live. [V]
Elevator Elevator [Recurring element]
The Police Squad Head Quarters has a plethora of floors.
– In Episode I the elevator stops at the airport lounge. Here a stewardess leaves Frank and Ed and a swimmer enters. She leaves at the swimming pool and dives in; the splash of water just misses Ed, who doesn't faze.
– In Episode V Ed and a police officer in the elevator are joined by Frank who gives the officer a funny look. The officer leaves at the hotel lounge and a opera singer enters. She exits at the opera stage and is showered with roses; a few roses hit Ed, who doesn't flinch.
– In Episode VI, an officer of the Cavalry joins Frank and Ed in the elevator and leaves them amidst a battle against the Indians. A spear just misses Ed, who is not impressed.
Lionel or H0? [VI]
  Epilogues [Recurring element]
– In Episode I, Drebin takes off his jacket revealing belts with huge bullets. Al comes along, who has something at the side of his mouth. Ed doesn't understand how Drebin knew the money wasn't traceable. He didn't but so didn't Sally.
– In Episode II, Drebin uses the phone resting on the captain's chest to inquire after Martin and Sally Decker. When Hocken is thinking of sports pages, Martin comes in. "You and your cohorts could be doing your boxing up at the Statesville Prison from now on."
– In Episode III, Frank tells Ed that Dutch will be running his protection racket from the Statesville prison from now on. Fear is a terrible thing, agrees Ed, it makes people forget their duty as citizens. Ed pours Frank a mug of coffee: "Say 'when', Frank."
– In Episode IV, Frank concludes that Lana will do her bombing up in the Statesville Prison from now on, and thinks seeing a baseball game is something one can't deprive a man of, even if crossing the state border is parole violation. Nordberg comes in after the screen has frozen.
– In Episode V, Ed tells the Commissioner that he can't take all the credit, the whole Police Squad was in on this one. He wonders when people will learn that crime doesn't pay, but when that happens it will put Ed and Frank out of business.
– In Episode VI, Nordberg asks the captain whether he can use his phone. While Drebin says: "It only goes to show that the only real dope is the one who sells or buys it", Nordberg uses the phone as a hammer, after which the whole set collapses.
  Fell, Jim
"He's the owner, Frank." [I]
  Female Felons
Magazine a security guard in the Court Hall is reading when he hears a suspicious sound. When he looks around the corner, he sees it's only Ralph with his vacuum cleaner. [IV]
  Frenchman, The
Delivers illegal narcotics to nightclub Mr. V's, dressed as a waitress. If the Frenchman is upset, Veronica Rivers is upset. [VI]
  Glove compartment
This is the place where a tape with tuba music ("Holiday Tubas") is kept that Cpt Ed Hocken got from Nordberg for Christmas. It is strange that the captain keeps the tape in the glove compartment of Drebin's car instead of his own. [V] It is also the place where (eventually) drugs are found. [VI]
When drugs are found in the glove compartment Nordberg personally checks it is cocaine. He does this quite throrougly and begins singing "Shine, little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer" from a song by the Mills Brothers. [VI]
"What's a goonluka?" "No, Martin's goon, Luca." [II]
  Goulet, Robert
Special guest star of Episode V, victim of the fire peloton. Doesn't need a blindfold.
  Greene, Lorne
Special guest star of Episode I, who is thrown out of a car having been stabbed first with a knife. It is believed that Drebin in Episode II is the manager of Lorne Greene.
"I lived with a guy once" [I]
Dutch Gunderson, Dutch
Runs a neighborhood protection racket, not concentrating on a particular area, but all over town. Employs Joe and Rock and Stella. He grew up an orphan on Lower South Side. His mother, a prostitute, died when he was only three. Started stealing apples at the age of six. Spent a lifetime in juvenile hall; all he's ever known is a world of crime. It doesn't excuse for what he does but we know him a little better. Keeps lifestock in drawers and filing cabinets. Now runs a neighborhood protection racket in the Statesville Prison. When asked who he is and how he could get into Dutch's office, Drebin answers: "I'm a locksmith and I'm a locksmith." [III]
  Haig, Alexander
A photograph of Alexander Haig, lying in a compartment in the City Morgue, is described as "disgusting" by Lt Drebin and his boss. [VI]
  Henderson, Florence
Special guest star of Episode III, who is shot whilst cooking and singing.
Cpt. Ed Hocken, always already on the scene, inseparable from his raincoat, is the head of Police Squad.
"Oh, Howie couldn't have done it, he hasn't been in for weeks." [I]

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